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Health Care center

The recent management added an advanced health care center in the university for the students. The health care center keeps close contact with the administrators of the universities about existing health services and informs them about the planning and allocation of the resources. The authorities have plans to develop the university health center to improve overall safety since the Pandemic.



The university campus has canteen facilities for students and visitors. It offers a variety of dishes and quick bites with attention to quality. We also pay equal attention to green philosophy by preparing healthy and hardy meals on the campus. All meals are freshly cooked with attention to hygiene and taste.


Azad University is located in a prime location with fare connectivity to various transportation platforms. Students from any part of the city can travel easily if not comfortably. The authorities are constantly trying to upgrade the connectivity through shuttle or private arrangements by the student’s community at the university.


Horse Riding

This activity is a unique addition to our campus. Students enjoy a little change in the supervision of our sports trainers. The purpose is to increase their skill-set physically along with their academics. We believe in providing an all-around education system with a blend of extracurricular activities and supervised fun.

AZAD Sports Club

Students and faculty representatives organize, manage, rule, and administer the Club in order to promote physical games and activities. The goal is to get the entire faculty together and engage in both organizational and state-level sports.


Inter-collegiate sports are organized by the Sports Club to give leadership and enjoyment opportunities to students and teachers. The vision is to improve their knowledge and skill in a specific sport of interest while fostering public, intellectual, and physical experiences.


Internet and IT Support

To assure the continued availability of this vital service, the College maintains numerous load-balanced connections to many distinct service providers. Bandwidth management solutions are used to prioritize Internet traffic and guarantee that all users are treated equally. Continuous use of tracking and capacity enhancements guarantees that Internet connection is always available and responsive to the student's needs.

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