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Anti-Ragging Policy

Anti-Ragging Policy

We established the Anti-ragging monitoring and execution cell to help the candidates to study in a healthy environment. The cell is bound to ensure the safety and peace of mind of the students with the help of Anti-Ragging rules, regulations, and measures. Ragging is a crime and we strongly stand against any such pranks.

The Anti-Ragging Monitoring & Execution Cell will ensure to look after all the incidents associated with ragging and bullying. Azad aims to create a ragging free university by executing strict action for the culprits. Our institution has the Anti-Ragging Committees, Squads & Patrols, which operate from the central control room. This department has a strategic plan to help the students learn and grow in a healthy environment to build a successful career.


We monitor the hostel administration, classrooms, dormitories, rooms, and every other institutional location deliver help to our students. We have given the liberty to students to drop in their complaints in the complaint boxes fixed in the specific spots.

Punishment and legal actions for ragging

Ragging is a crime and it is punishable with imprisonment for a term of two years or more. The person responsible will also be liable to a fine of Rs.10,000, all under the section 4 of the act.
The regulations were passed by the University Grants Commission in 2009 to fight the evil of ragging in the Universities of India. This issue is serious and various measures are taken to change this problem. Surprise raids by the anti-ragging squads are done to make sure everything is going fine.

Helpline Number-05222817609 : Proctor-9451316753

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