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Azad Group of Educational System

Message from Executive Director
Er. Suhail Ahmad

Suhail-Ahmad.jpgI am honored to serve as the Executive Director of Azad Group of Educational Institutions, Lucknow. As we engage in bold new strategies to become a top tired Group of Educational Institutions we must be inspired to achieve results. As we work to discover ways to change the world we must recognize we are interdependent upon each other for success. To realize actual and sustainable change in our attitudes and communities we need to embrace our individual differences while celebrating our commonality. We realize that education is fundamental for the complete development of individuals. It is the holistic approach of education that holds meaning in our lives. So we give a harmonious personality development to our students to keep their body, mind and soul in unison. As we grow, we expand into new technologies, methodologies, disciplines, resources and even attitudes.

We have a vision to develop an excellent center of professional education coupled with industrial interactions. This will be structured with the academic excellence that we have set for ourselves. The institute organizes programmes that highlight the fundamental values in life directing its students to achieve excellence in their respective fields. To ensure that students and employees are provided an equal opportunity to succeed, our Group values diversity and inclusiveness, which go hand in achieving excellence. When we value diversity we engage in differing perspectives realizing new ideas and opportunities. One of our core values is the belief that with education we can change our community and our world for the better. I believe when all people participate without regard to their race, national origin, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability we have the opportunity to make our world a better place for everyone. Here at Azad Group of Educational Institutions, we work to ensure that everyone is heard, allowed to participate and contribute based on his individual merits. We have a great staff that is passionate about what we do.

We provide training in all areas of need and upcoming challenges and policies. We develop new trainings for faculty, staff and students. Through these trainings we foster a campus and work environment that is more robust and focused on goals. In addition, we periodically communicate about our affirmative action plan and its goals and obligations. We have enormous aspirations to realize the vision outlined above. We know our students, faculty and staff are entirely dedicated to achieving the highest levels of excellence. We live in an era of fierce global competition for talented students and faculty and require progressing improving facilities to conduct our educational and research activities. We seek your support, which is absolutely critical in accelerating our progress towards reaching our goals. We welcome you to our enterprise; join us as we advance to new frontiers of knowledge and education.

Message from Director
Prof. Shafeeq Ahmad M.Tech., Ph.D. Computer Sc. & Engg. Director,

Shafeeq-Ahmad.jpgATC welcome you to Azad Group of Educational Institutions, Lucknow. The Azad Group of Institutions have been setup around a core of a multidisciplinary Technical Campus, which is regarded as the most suitable form of institution for imparting professional education. The expansion in higher education has been very rapid as India has been trying to improve its graduate enrolment at the institutions. It is believed that a high rate of economic development is not possible without a large proportion of graduates in the work force. However, as you will find, to meet the employability requirements of today's jobs and to cater to the creativity requirements of tomorrow, education pattern is also changing.

Azad has adopted a broad based approach to it which you will like. It concentrates on creating a mixing environment for students from various disciplines and on developing an interactive digital learning environment both for the campus and the network. We hope this will also help us in providing a globalised education environment and in keeping the students and the faculty both on the path of exploratory learning. We have tried hard to keep humility and transparency at the core of all our interactions with the students as well as faculty and staff. In fact I believe that the students find resonance in the activities of faculty and help us in evolving an atmosphere conducive to trust the professional growth. Once on the campus you will find it possible to engage in a variety of activities which make life interesting and provide opportunities to evolve and build character and attitudes and develop ideas.I hope that your journey of exploration and discovery launched at Azad turns out to be a satisfying one. Good luck

Dr. M.A Faruqi
B.Sc.Engg (Hon.), M.Tech, Ph.D.IIT Kharagpur
Ex Professor IIT Kharagpur
Advisor Azad Group of Institutions, Lucknow

MA-Faruqi.jpgI have the pleasure of welcoming you to Azad Group of Institutions for higher studies. Education today has wider perspectives. It stands for more than obtaining a degree and getting a job. We hope that all of you, in course of time, will be involved in some way or other towards solving problems of the society and in creating a better future. Academic environment has been changing the world over in pursuit of new dreams, new ways of catering to social needs and pursuing innovations.

The digitization and virtualization of academic activities alone in the last two decades have transformed the educational scene and they are now making it possible to universalize higher education and have a large mass of educated people for economic development. Entrepreneurship related activities, which were once regarded to be relevant only to major universities as an extension of their innovation related activities, are sweeping like a wave through the educational campuses. In fact, it is being argued that it is only through the institutions using their knowledge base and their young enthusiastic students in entrepreneurial activities that the tough problems of job creation, environment, poverty and health can be addressed.

Considering the changed expectations it is now for you people to think of possibilities of a life of thrills, self realization, and adventure. It may be good to remember that over 90% people in U. P. are self employed anyway. India is very strong in code writing and computer related activities. It may be next only to The United States. Further, India is acknowledged as a 'Soft Super Power', meaning that it can seamlessly apply I. T. in areas like film making, fashion, animation, music and other cultural areas. It is in these areas where the entrepreneurship possibilities are most visible and it is only a matter of time before they get harnessed and new ecosystems are created. Azad Educational Society has firmly resolved to encourage entrepreneurship promotion activities at all levels. We believe that besides changing the thinking it improves the employability of students, their soft skills and the world view as well. I hope you may find the life at Azad more exciting, challenging and geared to future.

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