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15 Top career options after engineering

15 Top Career Options After Engineering: What To Do After Engineering?

B.Tech is a top graduation course that opens an array of scopes for students who might wish to pursue a career in either engineering or a different stream. An engineering degree opens a student’s mind, makes them have a better understanding of a problem and finding a solution to it. This scientific approach proves to be invaluable in whatever profession they wish to step in. A degree in engineering entails rigorous years of practise and problem-solving and ingenious methodologies of approaching a situation and finding an end to it. Training your mind with a scientific approach, an engineering degree qualifies you for a range of other professions which will benefit from your contribution. If you do not wish to pursue your career in engineering after B Tech, you might wonder why you opted for engineering. The answer is simple, here are the 15 best career options after engineering that will be rewarding for an engineering student and their expertise will enhance their position in it.

Higher education in engineering

Most students after completing their B.Tech. take the GATE examination (graduation aptitude test in engineering). The test is an assessment of the comprehensive understanding of undergraduate engineering students. An excellent GATE score enables students to be a part of prestigious engineering colleges like IITs and NITs. They can further their engineering degree by completing an M Tech. Completing an M Tech makes you eligible for academics and research in the engineering field and is a much sought-after career. If higher studies are your goal, then stepping in this direction will help you have a bright career. M Tech is also offered by Azad Group of Educational Institution.

Digital marketing

If you are not inclined towards higher studies, you can qualify for the CAT examination and appear for a digital marketing course. A wide scope for dedicated students will unfurl for those who can explore their talents under experienced mentors and be part of live projects along with case-studies for a wider opportunity.

A career in Web Development

After your BTech, you can enter web development that entails designing, programming, and developing a website and social media platforms. This high-end technology work is not just high paying but immensely gratifying for a professional. This is one career that is developing by the day and if you can continuously update yourself, your career will be promising.

Career as a data analyst/scientist

This is one of the most sought-after professions in today's world. The requirement of data is a prerequisite for increasing productivity, offering better organizational support, productive operations, cost-effective executions, and laying down better business strategies as well as governmental plans. There is no limit to this career. Even today, as we reel under the COVID-19 crisis, data analysts and scientists play a huge role in understanding the nature of the virus.

Career as a technical writer

Not everyone can write on technical subjects which demand a high level of specialization. That comes only from the professionals themselves but owing to the pressure of the work you may not find many professionals writing enough to communicate the advancements, the requirements, the problems, in various technical fields. A degree in B Tech, qualifies you to have command over various technical matters and explain them comprehensively to the audience. A flair for writing is a must if you wish to pursue this career.

A career in PSU

PSU or public service undertaking is a government job that comes with a healthy pay package. Though the competition level of this job is cutthroat, an engineering degree and your GATE score will help you crack the examinations. You can find a placement in BHEL, SAIL, IOCL and other such lucrative organisations that come with a hefty pay package, security, and offer respect in society.

A career in management

After BTech, many engineering graduates choose to study management. Management helps you get high paying jobs that entailresponsibilities. For entering this job an MBA course is necessary. You will have to clear the CAT examinations, (common aptitude test). The score in your CAT determines the institute of your admission. A wide range of managerial roles awaits you once you complete the course and helps you climb the corporate ladder fast while exposing you to the highest paid profession in India.

Career in business

Your engineering degree prepares you to be an entrepreneur, you can choose any line of business and with your training in engineering, you can convert to success any enterprise following the cause of methods and solutions. Young entrepreneurs can be a part of the start-up incubators that helps in defining the path to success. The thrill of starting your own company and running it is challenging as well as exciting.

Career through campus interviews

After completing your graduation, you will be approached by many companies for engineering jobs and campus placements. Opting for any of those jobs will help you have a good career, and, in few years, you can rise in your organisation.

Career in technology

If you can gain expertise over in-demand skills like artificial intelligence and blockchain or any other latest technologies then you will be in high demand as top companies dealing in the latest technologies seek such candidates.

A career in civil services

If you are interested to enter an administrative job, then the Indian civil service examinations are ideal for you after Btech. It is one of the most sought-after professions in India and you have to clear the UPSC civil service examination, which is considered one of the toughest entrance examinations in India. You can take a one-year break for preparing for the examinations before appearing in them. Clear the mains and the interview and find a good position in this profession.

Starting as an intern

If you find it difficult to get a regular job in top firms, there is no need to worry. An internship or apprenticeship will help you to learn the ropes of the profession and within a few months, you will be absorbed in the organisation that you are working in or some other place where you can qualify through an interview.

A career within the private sector

Campus placements lead you to private-sector jobs however, if you did not get one through campus placement, you can try to approach private sector companies through LinkedIn. Set for a job interview and get qualified. Once you prove your mettle in the job, promotions will come automatically and you will rise in stages within the organisation.

Increase your value with a certification

A certification consolidates your professional role after you complete your graduation. There are many certificate courses in the engineering field. that help with better opportunities for a bright future.

A career in the Indian Armed Forces

After completing your BTech there are employment opportunities in the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and the Indian Navy. The demand for technically sound professionals is high in all three branches. You can join the Technical Support team for the Indian Army by qualifying in the TGC (Technical Graduate Course) or the ground squad of the Indian Air Force based on your qualifications. After your engineering degree, you can qualify easily in AFCAT (Air Force common admission test), SNAES (Special Naval Architects Entry Scheme).


A degree in engineering from a reputed institute like Azad group of educational institution will help you acquire an in-depth understanding of engineering through all the years of graduation. This qualification will come in handy in meeting the goals of your future and opening the best career options after engineering. Visit https://aiet.ac.in/ for details.

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