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Computer Applications - Course, eligibility, Subjects, Syllabus, Colleges, Admission, Career

The need to study computer applications in this digitalized world is basic. Since technology is dominating our daily lives, learning machines will not only be a wise thing to do but will also diversify your knowledge and contribute to better career opportunities. The presence of computers is seen in almost every walk of life, a recent boom in the IT industry has increased the demand for computer applications professionals in India and abroad. If you bring the government’s further plan for digitalization into notice, you will be proud of your decision to study computer applications at the best MCA college in Lucknow.

Since you are reading this, you are probably planning to take up computer applications or gather information for your close ones. We would like to elaborate on this course and mention some of the important details related to computer applications.

Eligibility (BCA & MCA)

BCA: You will be able to get into BCA after you finish your HSC (10+2) with any stream. You will be eligible to apply for a bachelor’s in computer application (BCA) at the best BCA college in Lucknow.

MCA: Any graduate from any field who has passed or is about to pass an undergraduate test is eligible to enroll in the Master of Computer Applications program. Furthermore, anybody interested in pursuing an MCA degree must have Mathematics as a course in either their HSC or any one year of their graduate program.

Various topics covered under BCA and MCA
Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Bachelor of computer application course consists of major courses involving programming with C, algorithm and data structure, computer organization, advanced programming with C, network fundamentals, web programming, relational database management system, visual programming, software engineering. The course usually covers important points like heightening technological details, providing research-based training to the students, train students with the latest equipment and technology. Even the best college for computer application courses follows the curriculum, where they focus on theory and application but also equip the students with communication and professional skills.

BCA course covers various topics each semester, dividing it carefully between theory and practical work based on the syllabus of the semester. You will learn the following subjects:

  • Business Communication
  • Principles of Management
  • Computer Fundamental and Office Automation
  • Programming Principles and Algorithms
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Elements of Statistics
  • Business Accounting
  • C Programming
  • Software Engineering
  • Cost Accounting
  • C++, Core Java, Advanced Java

Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

Master of computer application course is an advanced program in this stream. It involves computer organization, data and file structuring using C, operating system, modeling and simulation, visual basic, graph theory, system programming, combinatory, computer-based numerical, and statistical techniques.

The semesters are equally divided into different subjects, and you will specialize in topics in the form of project work. The courses will include presentations, case studies, practical assignments, and more. Some of the common fields of study that are chosen for the MCA course are as follows- hardware technology, application software, system management, management information system, and system development.

The best MCA college in Lucknow covers MCA courses with the following subjects in the semesters of their convenience. Each semester comes with a lot of practical work on the syllabus.

  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Object-Oriented Systems in C++
  • UNIX and Shell Programming
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithm
  • Software Engineering
  • WEB Technology
  • Net Framework and C Lab

What is the difference between B.Tech in Computer Science and CA?

There is a lot of difference between a computer application and computer science, which people mostly get confused about. The study of computer science is a detailed and systematic course of the fundamentals of working on a computer, whereas computer applications are the study of computer software applications. This is an easy explanation of these two courses, where the former is the study of computer work, the latter helps in understanding all sorts of work that can be done on a computer.

What are the different specializations that can be opted in this course?

Some of B.C.A Specializations

  • Accounting Applications
  • Database Management
  • Internet Technologies
  • Animation
  • Computer Graphics

Most In-Demand MCA Specializations in India
There are various specialization in MCA, but not all of them is in high demand, these are some of the specializations that are preferred in India more than the others.

  • MCA in Cloud Computing
  • MCA in Management Information System
  • MCA in Mobile Computing
  • MCA in Hardware Technology
  • MCA in Application Software

How To Choose Specialization in MCA

It might get confusing for students to select a specialization of their choice since there are so many options and all of them lead to a promising career in the future. This little list will help you choose the right MCA specialization.

  • Know what you like - There might be some subjects that you like more than others. You need to narrow down the list depending on the subject and try to make a career out of it.
  • Measure your talents - know the things you are good at and measure the things that are needed to do the specialization. This will help you understand which specialization is most suited for you.
  • Professional demands - You must research the job market regarding the specialization that you’re planning. Try to search on different job portals and decide to pursue the course.
  • Consulting with professionals - If you have any IT professional in your friend or family circle, then take their opinion. Since they are in the industry, they will be able to guide you properly.
  • Follow the vibe and gut feeling - This might sound strange, but it always works. Every individual has some instincts about things that subconsciously lead them to where they belong.

Computer Application Courses Entrance Exams

Some colleges and universities conduct their entrance exam for the selection process of prospective candidates for computer applications. However, there are plenty of state-based entrance exams as well. You simply have to research well and get your specialization plan in order, the rest will fall in place.

Scope of Computer Applications in India and Abroad

Computer application courses are one of the most demanded career options of today. It opens the door of opportunities for degree holders and offers a wide range of employment options in various sectors like Insurance, e-commerce, networking, banking, IT industry, Marketing Industry, MNCs, Accounting, etc. Along with a great career opportunity, this professional pays well too. Apart from the IT firms, many consulting firms and startups pay a decent salary. After completing a BCA or MCA from the best MCA college in Lucknow, there will be a plethora of opportunities waiting in various public and government sectors.

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