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Why is Artificial Intelligence important in B.Tech Engineering?

Are you opting for an engineering degree after your 10+2 level? And, do technology courses interest you? Then, you can go for B.Tech courses in a B.Tech engineering college in Lucknow. This course serves as an amalgamation of both of your interests. Moreover, if you have a special interest in AI-related programmes, you can opt for the biotechnology niche. It is a perfect course to get an understanding of AI-based projects and assignments.

Many think why there is such hype about artificial intelligence. Well, nowadays you cannot escape it, especially, the way it has vastly spread on a global scale and pan-India basis. Currently, AI has become a trendy topic in every sector due to the impact it poses on them. From robots to self-driving cars, there are no corners left where artificial intelligence has no contribution to making a technologically advanced society.

AI has equally made a great impact when it comes to the education industry. Education, nowadays, cannot be imagined without the help of AI. Students encounter artificial intelligence almost every single day, in some way or the other. Certain courses in the academic sector are more surrounded by the influence of AI, such as technology or engineering courses. You will see programmes like B.Tech are more indulged in the use of AI. So, if aspects of AI interest you and you want to opt for engineering and technology courses after your 10+2 examination, you should look for a top-level B.Tech engineering college in Lucknow.

Now let’s dive a bit deeper into how AI impacts engineering and technology courses. But before that, let’s get an understanding of artificial intelligence.

What is AI?

In simple terms, AI or artificial intelligence provides a computer programme that has the ability to learn and think on its own. You can name it as a simulation of human intelligence; hence, the name, artificial “intelligence,” which basically implies that AI-driven machines are capable of doing tasks similar to humans.

Currently, we are working with a weak type of AI that can only perform with the given input and has its own limitations. Strong AIs are the ones that scientists are conducting avid research on to reach. Lastly, the super intelligent AIs are the ones that are still a concept and a far-fetched dream.

Now let’s see why AIs are considered so impactful in today’s world.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using AIs?


  • Human error reductions
    This is the first and foremost factor when it comes to the benefits of AI. The use of AI contributes to decreased errors and more precision and accuracy.
  • Overcome any big risk
    AI robots can come quite a handful when overcoming tasks that possess some degree of risk. Even these machines can make various complex tasks easier.
  • All-time availability
    AI is famous for working endlessly without breaks. Moreover, they perform with a consistent level of productivity throughout the duration.
  • Digital assistance
    Big companies use digital assistance such as chatbots that responds to user-requested content in a more humane manner, which leads to a decreased necessity for human personnel.
  • Unbiased decision
    As artificial intelligence has no emotions, unlike human beings, in decision-making situations, AI devices or robots can give unbiased views, or are not driven by emotion judgments.
  • Performs repetitive tasks
    AIs are great when it comes to performing repetitive tasks such as checking documents or maybe auto-mailing thank-you notes. These efficiently automate the menial tasks and also discard the monotonous work to allow people to indulge in the more creative niche.
  • Daily use
    AI is something that humans encounter and use, in everyday life. Your entire application of AI is highly dependent on electronic devices and daily internet use.


  • Highly expensive
    To simulate human resources is not easy, and requires tons of resources and indefinite time, which is why it becomes quite expensive to purchase or integrate it into daily use.
  • All technical no creativity
    AI does not possess the ability to think out of the box, rather it largely depends on the pre-fed data, statistics and numbers.
  • Decreased job positions
    With the rise of AI, unemployment became a significant factor. As AI can perform tasks with precision, accuracy and at a much faster pace than a normal human being, in some cases, these are displacing the need for human effort.
  • Makes human lazy
    As AI helps to do a majority of the repetitive tasks, now, people don’t have to use their brains much, consequently making them lazy.
  • Less space for improvement
    Humans can learn and develop themselves in diverse areas if needed, but when it comes to artificial intelligence, developers have to change the entire coding to incorporate some new features. Now, let’s move on to know how AI is used in engineering and technology niches.

Use of AI in B.Tech courses

AI or artificial intelligence is an extremely useful and helpful tool for B.Tech students of each and every B.Tech Engineering College in Lucknow, especially, students who are studying computer-related disciplines such as biotechnology. It is an ever-evolving field, which is consistently changing the way we live our life.

Here are some potential ways in which AI could prove useful and helpful in a B.Tech programme.

  • Knowing about AI and its applications: Students can learn about artificial intelligence, and its principles, and also, get a comprehensive understanding of its applications in various domains.
  • Building AI-based projects and assignments: Students in this programme can develop innovative projects that are AI-oriented, which can later be used to solve complicated problems or enhance user experience.
  • Widen the research horizon of AI: Students can also explore various AI-related research studies and gain knowledge on the novel innovations made in this field. Having explored these areas can invite various vocational opportunities in the tech industry or academia.
  • Helping hand for future job prospects: AI’s increasing popularity makes it significant for every industry. A concrete understanding of this technology can prove an asset for B.Tech graduates, especially, seeking opportunities in the tech industry.

Every B.Tech engineering college in Lucknow should incorporate the use of AI in the programme to make their students advanced in knowledge, innovation and technology. Only then, the graduates of the B.Tech programme will be able to establish a foothold in this modern and progressive corporate technology industry.

When it comes to the biotechnology domain in B.Tech, artificial intelligence can be useful in the analysis of large quantities of data. AI can also help in making recommendations or predictions that might have significant implications in various markets and sectors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the B.Tech programme, artificial intelligence is extremely useful. The course being in the engineering and technology field, covers a lot of domains such as computer science, biotechnology, mechanical, electrical, and more. AI can be employed in many of these domains to enhance their functionality, effectiveness, and efficiency.

AI can be important in the analysis of production data and determine patterns to improve efficacy and efficiency in the process of manufacturing. Furthermore, artificial intelligence plays quite an important role in inspecting and analyzing defects in products, boosting the consistency of the same and also optimizing the process of production.

AI is such a technology that can make machines learn from mistakes, perform human-like tasks, and also adapt to new inputs. Moreover, it decreases errors, increasing precision and accuracy. The AI depends largely on deep learning and language processing.

The chief role of artificial intelligence is the automation of various administrative and academic duties, smart and digital content, all-time accessibility, and personalized learning. Some trivial tasks that matter in this industry include plagiarism detection, enrollment and retention chatbots, academic research, etc.

Artificial intelligence has the ability to enhance productivity, efficiency, and innovation in this sector while creating new opportunities or prospects. This is leading to mass unemployment in various job profiles and also task computerization.

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