Applied Science


Applied science is a discipline of science that applies existing scientific knowledge to develop more practical applications, like technology or inventions.

Welcome to the Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities which is imparting knowledge through teaching and creating an implementation of practical aspects to build a solid foundation as part of the Engineering Education. Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities is one of the indispensable departments of Azad Technical Campus and plays a vital role in teaching basic sciences courses as prescribed by the curriculum of the institution in the I year & in II year onward subjects like Industrial Psychology and Sociology and Human Values have been taught by well-experienced teachers so that students can be a better human being first along with their profession. Our department also takes extra care for those weak students by our special crash courses. In addition to the primary teaching duties discharged by the teaching staff: many of them have their publications in National as well as International Journals of repute for attaining perfection in their profession.

The purpose of inducing the subjects of Applied Science & Humanities in Engineering study is to lay a well- built foundation of basic concepts for various engineering disciplines. Our department also provides ragging free atmosphere to the students so that they can study well in the fearless and tension free environment. Therefore, the department acts as a fertilizer to develop, the practical approach to exploring their hidden talents, personality and communication skills to fulfill the need of budding technocrats. We at the department level in particular and institutional level in general at Azad, Lucknow are moving ahead to provide the best facilities for our budding technocrats.