Biotechnology is a multidisciplinary area on the educational scene and programmes have been developed to meet the growing demand for trained manpower for any meaningful Biotechnology activity. The Government of India has allotted high priority for the development of Biotechnology and its exploitation in agriculture and other related disciplines. Students are exposed with related knowledge, techniques, practical skills and issues pertaining to the advancement and development of biotechnology, locally and globally. This programme also cultivates soft skills and fundamental skills in the areas of management and entrepreneurship that are essential in their future working environments.

Biotechnology is the application of biological organisms, systems or processes to manufacturing industries. Biotechnology firms will rely mainly on inexpensive substrates for biosynthesis, processes that will function at low temperatures, and will consume little energy. There will be numerous industrial activities that will be affected by the biotechnological advances mentioned above. These will include human and animal food production, provision of chemical feedstocks to replace petrochemical sources, alternative energy sources, waste recycling, pollution control, agriculture, and new products to aid in the advancement of medicine, veterinary sciences, and pharmaceutics. New tools and products developed by biotechnologists are useful in research, agriculture, industry, and the clinic.Biotechnology is a relatively new area and will require skillful control of its development.