The discipline of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) was set up in 1998. The discipline offers Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) and Master of Technology (M.Tech.) programs. The faculty members are from diverse streams and specializations. Being a part of an emerging and relatively best institute, together with extremely competent research faculty, the Computer Science & Engineering department of AIET, Lucknow offers a unique interactive platform for the students to explore the arena of fundamental and applied research. There are various research and teaching laboratories in the CSE discipline.


Computers from a part of the unfinished revolution in human history as systems that can execute knowledge (run programs or machines) and produce new knowledge. Creation and use of such systems is likely to remain a high priority effort by all countries.

Besides the industrial activities like storage and use of data and their inter-connections, professionals are forever busy in devising algorithms and creating hardware to solve bigger and more complex problems. These could be like modeling earth's climate, financial systems, drugs response, natural language understanding and security issues etc.

Careers for fresh graduates in an industry often start as programmers, software developers, technical trainee etc., but learning and up gradation of skills are almost continuous activities. People get specialized in different areas and often go for further education/ degree as well. The areas may include software architecture, information systems, programming languages, verification, security and computational intelligence etc.



The Postgraduate program on Distributed Systems has been tailored keeping the current industry requirements of handling of big data and data analytics etc. in mind. The programme is organized with few compulsory courses and large no. of electives.

The department has been offering M.Tech. degree course in Distributed Systems with an intake of 30 seats as well as in Information Technology & Infrastructure Management with an intake of 18 seats since 2010. 

The M. Tech. program is of four semester duration. First and second semesters are entirely coursework oriented. Third and fourth semester involves research and thesis work. A sound theoretical and practical work prepares the students in the wider field of Computer Engineering to take up challenging jobs.