Pharmaceutical Sciences deal with the discovery, testing, packaging and delivery of drugs. As expenditure on health-related issues is rising in every country, the discipline is expected to provide a wide variety of satisfying employment opportunities.
The range and the option of new careers go up with several specializations at postgraduate levels available in the country. Going abroad for further education a realistic option, as many multinationals operating in India requires high-level professionals for research and R&D. Branching into Clinical Research and Health/ Wellness areas are also popular. It is one of the disciplines where postgraduate education dramatically changes career options, job potentials, and employability. Students from this Institute have found employment in companies like Novartis, Cipla, Dabur, Hamdard etc. besides working in local companies dealing with alternative systems of medicine.A very large new arena of health care is taking shape in the country with the rising affluence. It starts with chains of hospitals, medical tourism, digital health management, mass screenings, and insurance etc.